Teaching Older Men How To Attract Younger Women Can Be Frustrating

Published: 28th April 2011
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Wanting to know how to attract younger women is something a lot of older men are interested in. Learning how to do this does not happen in one night from reading a book or watching a movie. The majority of women will say attraction is much more than physical. This is what men need to zero is on.

However, there are general guidelines that hold true regardless of income level, skin color, weight, age, or number of children involved. Women want to know they are desired for their personalities and life views. Equally as important, they want to know they are desired for their bodies. The female species want to feel respected as a whole person before they will put much stock into being told they are beautiful.

Beautiful ladies are told they are beautiful all the time. While hearing this is appreciated, when a woman hears it all the time from friends, family members, and strangers everywhere they go, the impact is lessened. They come to expect the compliment at the turn of every corner. In other words, a man may not necessarily gain any points with a woman by telling her she's beautiful within the first few sentences of talking with her.

It is no secret young ladies are attracted to older men. There may come a point when a man questions if what he is doing is right. It is normal for a man to feel this, especially if he has raised a daughter that he truly cares for. While all of these conflicting thoughts are going on in his mind, he can maintain the relationship by doing small favors for the young woman.

Furthermore, maintaining a clean vehicle is a turn-on. A build-up of old soda cans and magazines tends to be a big turn-off. Additionally, simple things like holding her hand on a walk or bringing her a special beverage goes a long way. Small measures like this stick-out in a woman's thoughts.

Men who really want to make a big impression can do things such as having take-out delivered to the woman when she just is not in the mood to go out. Doing this when she just wants to be alone will definitely score some points. A woman would rather have a man provide her with items that she needs instead of things she will look at once, pack away, and never look at again. Long-stemmed roses from a florist are nice, but flowers fade. Flowers should only be given in addition to the other things that are done for her, not instead of doing something for her.

In most cases, a young woman will make it known to an older man when she is attracted to him. Her body language will be suggestive and she will dress to catch and keep his eyes on her. Men may not always pick-up on these clues. Going full circle, becoming friends is step one. Being a provider and a lover follow.

Knowing how to attract younger women may be second-nature to some men while others may find it entirely new. Some men find themselves attracted to women who are young enough to be their daughters and are confused if they should play the role of a lover or mentor. In truth, younger women are attracted to older men and are not looking for merely a mentor.

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